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Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter Development

Using the CodeIgniter platform, we build complete web applications.

CodeIgniter is a platform for application development that can be used to create websites using PHP . It's a program that's open source. It has a very rich set of features that will improve website development work speed.

CodeIgniter is based on the architecture pattern of Model-View-Controller (MVC). MVC is a software approach which distinguishes application logic from presentation. In reality, it allows for limited scripting on your web pages as the presentation is different from the PHP scripting.

CodeIgniter is a very strong PHP platform with a very small footprint, designed specifically for developers who need to use a simple and elegant toolkit to build fully featured and usable web applications. This application's goal is to allow users to develop projects much faster and faster than if you had chosen to write your code from scratch. It is used to do this by providing the commonly needed applications and tasks with a rich set of libraries. Thanks to the varied use of the simple interface and the logical structure present to access the collection of these libraries, this is also possible.

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